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perfect match in form, function, design and colour

concept130 – this new product line impressively shows how progressive and trend-setting innovative kitchen programs are today. concept130 combines all aspects that make working in the kitchen pure pleasure and is so much more than a grid specification or the sum of individual innovative building blocks. From now on, extraordinary kitchen ideas can be designed and designed with a creative, multifunctional grid system - almost without limits. Individual, flexible kitchen planning can be easily redefined with the grid system, from the design language in color and shape to the technical implementation and equipment. Every kitchen is always a perfect match!

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The sophisticated, design-oriented cabinet-system for your kitchen

The pioneer in design and quality. No product line has shaped the German kitchen landscape as much as systemat. The combination of avant-garde elements, natural materials and innovative technology combines elegance, class and luxury into a perfect overall work.

A systemat kitchen inspires you anew every day. Because systemat offers you complete freedom of design. Fulfil all your wishes in terms of design and function.

Clear structures, fantastic fronts and a concise design language characterize the kitchens in the systemat product line.

This gives you an elegant design, functional technology, sophisticated details and first-class workmanship. These kitchen solutions fit perfectly into any room concept and develop a presence that impresses.

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Highly sought-after: the designer kitchen suitable for everyday use

Classic is the young generation of kitchen culture. Designed for demanding families,  young couples and singles on their way for a solution which fits the modern way of life. Every kitchen lives its own character through deliberately placed highlights. Individual, flexible and authentic. Starting with an extended breakfast with kids to a quick snack and a big dinner in the evening. Classic - kitchens for the real life.

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