Smart Home UI/UX


UI "user interface" or UX "user experience" Is the way in which a user interacts with a given system. In the respect of the smart home or home automation. It would be the way in which any given smart task is completed. In our showroom we use amazons Alexa. This enables us to control a number of different actions throughout the showroom. For example in our working smart kitchen in the showroom we can use our voice to control the colour of the lighting in the kitchen to set the ambience. We can start the ovens and set timers for the perfect dinner, We can ask Alexa to check the security cameras so we always know what is going on and we add more and more by the week. The future of the smart home starts with the user interacting in a familiar way and we find that Alexa does just that.

Examples In our Showroom...


We use the Alexa show a lot in our working kitchen display its great for showing recipes whilst you cook or getting social media updates but it goes far beyond that... 

We use Alexa to control all the lighting in the showroom along with the security systems and connected appliance it really is the beating heart of our showroom